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Hidden Tribe

Hidden Tribe was a mobile public art documentary project created for the first mobile video device in 2006.  The user follows the path of filmmaker Liz Canner as she uncovers clues to what happened to the Native American tribe that once inhabited her hometown. Settled in 1655, Groton, Massachusetts is a quintessential picturesque New England village with rolling hills and pristine farmhouses.  Stone monuments inscribed with stories about the suffering of the founding colonial families dapple the landscape.  They record violent encounters with the “Indians”.  In site-specific locations, the user watches video segments which reinterpret this colonial history and present another point of view, generating a more balanced interpretation of the past and revealing the experiences of the Nipmuck tribe who inhabited the land before the settlers.

"Groton History Comes to the iPod"

  — The Boston Globe


Solo Exhibition

Brodigan Gallery, Groton School, Groton, MA, 2005

Solo Exhibition

Dartmouth College Baker Library Gallery Space, Hanover, NH, 2007

Video iPod (available for check out)

Groton Library, Groton, MA