Orgasm Inc. Credits


Elizabeth Canner

Director, Producer, Co-Editor, Cinematographer

Alex Barnett

Music Supervisor, Composer, Associate Producer, Additional Camera

Don Glasgo


Stephanie Olmanni


Jane Applegate

Associate Producer

Doug Block

Consulting Producer

Sara Booth

Assistant Producer, Assistant Editor

Sarah Zoe Canner

Associate Producer, Music Supervisor

Wendy Ettinger

Executive Producer

Judith Helfand

Executive Producer, Writing Consultant

Betsy Kerlin

Assistant Producer

Julie Parker Benello

Executive Producer

Olivia Snyder-Spak

Assistant Producer, Assistant Editor

Marc Weiss

Executive Producer

Sandra Christie


Jeremiah Zagar


Eric Milano

Dialogue Editor

Tom Paul

Re-recording mixer / Sound designer

Jay Beaudoin

Digital Artist, Additional Camera, Animator

Max Berger

Digital Artist

Einat Gavish

Digital Artist

Noel Villers

Digital Artist

Angela Alston

Additional Camera

Ava Berkofsky

Additional Camera

Matt Bucy

Additional Camera

Richard Chisolm

Additional Camera

Kate Cone

Additional Camera

Toshi Hoo

Additional Camera

Jennifer Howard

Additional Camera

Roger Grange

Additional Photography

Kirsten Martin

Additional Camera

Mick McNeely

Additional Camera

Fawn Yacker

Additional Camera

Nicholas Fischer


Amber Bemak

Assistant Editor

Josh Bertsche

Assistant Editor, Intern

John Fordham

Online Editor

Becky Goldberg

Additional Editing

Tricia Reidy

Additional Editing

Todd Woody Richman

Consulting Editor

Shashwati Talukdar

Assistant Editor

Signe Taylor

Additional Editing

Drew Krassowski


Lara Pellegrinelli

Music Consultant

Sarah Baron

Production Assistant

Robert Bertsche

Legal Services

Amanda Cohen


Emily Dale

Production Assistant

Morgan Faust


Cindy Gantz

Production Assistant

Elizabeth Gibson


Glennis Gold


Jackie Helton

Production Assistant

Marguerite Imbert

Production Assistant

Piya Kashyap


Pagan Kennedy

Writing Consultant

Alan Korn

Additional Legal Services

Aviva Lillian


Shirli Michalevicz

Production Assistant

Adam J. Segal


Karen Shatzkin

Additional Legal Services

Betty Smith

Writing Consultant

Joel Spitainik

Production Assistant

Amy Trent

Production Assistant

Orgasm Inc.

  • ORGASM INC. trailer

  • Dr. Carol Queen, Curator of the Antique Vibrator Museum

  • Dr. Stuart Meloy, Inventor of the Orgasmatron, inserting the device in a patient

  • The Sensory Testing Room at the Berman Center

  • Animation from Orgasm Inc.

In the shocking and hilarious feature documentary Orgasm Inc., filmmaker Liz Canner edits erotic videos for a pharmaceutical company. Her employer is racing to develop the first FDA-approved Viagra for women.  She soon begins to suspect that they, along with other drug companies, might be trying to take advantage of women.  Orgasm Inc. presents an extraordinary behind-the-scenes look at the cash-fueled pharmaceutical industry and the way it is reshaping our idea of health, illness, and…orgasm.

Our Impact Campaign

Orgasm Inc. reached a large audience through traditional distribution platforms and a well targeted impact campaign.  It was broadcast on television stations in 12 countries, theatrically released in 41 cities in the U.S., Canada and Korea, screened at over 65 film festivals, streamed on Sundance Now, Fandor, Vimeo and Netflix national and international (“Most Popular” in the Critically Acclaimed Documentary section, Winter 2012), presented on VOD, iTunes, Amazon and in stores.  The documentry went on a campus tour with 137 educational screenings in the US and Canada.  It was also used in a campaign to counter the misinformation promoted by pharmaceutical industry marketers by educating journalists and medical experts about the real story behind FSD and marketing tactics such as “condition branding” and the use of deceitful statistics. The result was major improvement in press coverage of the issue, thousands of students reached and presentations to hundreds of medical experts at conferences and medical schools. The 2050 Group estimated that combined media coverage and distribution of Orgasm Inc. reached 100 million people.



"CRITICS' PICK! By taking a playful approach to a deeply serious subject, [Canner] explores the link between female sexuality and corporate profits with a style that's as entertaining as it is revelatory."

  — The New York Times

"A Must-See! Liz Canner's informative, amusing, expertly crafted and well-laureled docu 'Orgasm Inc.' seizes the perfect platform from which to launch a common-sense attack on Big Pharma's shameless corporatization of health. "

  — Variety

"Liz Canner ended up making a shocking but hilarious film, 'Orgasm Inc', which is causing a storm in America as it sets out to expose the drug companies and doctors who are now locked in a race to produce a 'female Viagra' - a treatment that promises women a super-charged sex life in a pill."

  — London Daily Mail

"Both poignant and hilarious, 'Orgasm Inc.' will leave you hot and bothered."

  — Time Magazine

"['Orgasm Inc.'] is a desperately needed antidote to all the hype generated by pharmaceutical companies pursuing their holy grail: a female Viagra."

  — Newsweek

"A sexy feature-length indictment of big pharma that gives a lot of great laughs."

  — Toronto Star

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Selected Broadcasts and Screenings

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Broadcast on TV in 12 countries including: Brazil, Canada, Finland, France, Israel, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, and the USA

Theatrically released in 41 cities in the USA, Canada, and Korea

Streamed on Netflix USA for 4 years and globally in 41 countries

“Most Popular” Critically Acclaimed Documentary section in Winter 2012

Over 130 educational screenings

World Premiere, Hot Docs Film Festival, Canada

Screened at over 70 film festivals worldwide, including:

European Premiere, IDFA - International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, Netherlands

BEST FEATURE AWARD, Newburyport Documentary Film Festival, USA

BEST FEATURE AWARD, Vermont International Film Festival, USA

BEST FEATURE DOCUMENTARY AWARD, Southeast New England Film Festival, USA

JURY PRIZE, The Women's International Film & Television Showcase Film Awards, USA

2ND BEST FEATURE AWARD, Kos International Health Film Festival, Greece


OPENING NIGHT FILM, Dallas Video Festival, USA

OPENING NIGHT FILM, White River Indie Film Festival, USA

New York City Premiere, The Film Society of Lincoln Center, USA

The Society For Cinema and Media Studies Annual Conference, USA

Toronto Independent Film Festival, Canada

RIDM - Rencontres Internationales Du Documentaire De Montreal, Canada

Independent Film Festival of Boston, USA

Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, USA

Starz Denver Film Festival, USA

Birds Eye View Film Festival, England

International Women's Film Festival, Korea

Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival, USA

Festival Sinema Politika, Indonesia

Planete Doc Review Film Festival, Poland

Women Make Waves Film Festival, Taiwan

Seen and Heard Film Festival, Australia

DOXA Documentary Film Festival, Canada

III Mostra de Ciencia e Cinema (The International Science Film Festival), Spain

International Journalism Festival, Italy

Filmmor Women's Film Festival, Turkey

13th Aarhus Film Festival, Denmark

Athens International Film + Video Festival, USA

This Human World: The Austrian Human Rights Film Festival, Austria

Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA), USA

Femina International Women's Film Festival, Brazil

Global Visions Film Festival, Canada

The Norwegian Documentary Festival, Norway

Women's International Film Festival, USA

Northampton Film Festival, USA

Docville Film Festival, Belgium


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